Empowered and assured, if not slightly cheeky, the Huala girl oozes self-confidence. She is a name that is hard to forget, one that rolls off the tongue and plays on the mind. Her story is that of a Netflix series: full of twists and turns; parallel worlds colliding and complimenting; any battle delicately chosen and diligently conquered. Stay by her side, and you will never get bored. Life, while never perfect, will take on much fuller colors. 

In 2021, Huala re-centres, perfectly coupling its garments with the multifaceted life of its protagonist. From modern activewear to silk two-pieces with sleek underwear, from sculpting jerseys to seductive swimwear, each piece is designed to enrich every element of the Huala girl’s life: whether it’s putting in long hours in the gym, taking some well-earned relaxation time or enjoying an evening out with friends. 

Huala is Aiza and Emiliano Rinaldi’s Italian-based creative project. Dedicated to leisure and inspired by essential silhouettes that evoke comfort, spontaneity and sensuality.